The morning sky continues to be amazing!  Don’t miss it.  Highest up is Saturn at 23Aquarius26, followed with about a 9-degree separation by Mars at 2Pisces08.  Next is Venus, just recently moving beyond its 10-degree orb with Mars, at 13Pisces26.  A rapidly rising Jupiter is now only 12 degrees from Venus at 25Pisces10.  This beautifully presages the gorgeous Venus/Jupiter conjunction on April 30th, the day of a Solar Eclipse.  These planets are like a string of gems in the morning sky, in a rare configuration.  The brightest is, of course, Venus at magnitude -4.22, followed by Jupiter at -2.07.  Saturn at 0.82 is slightly brighter than Mars shining at 0.99.  See if you can detect any difference, other than the difference in their color.

In the evening sky, Mercury, our other visible planet, should be starting to be seen, now rising in a quite good evening apparition.  Mercury is now shining at magnitude -1.14 at 13Taurus48.  It’s worth noting that at 9:51 PM PDT on Sunday night, Mercury conjoins Uranus at 13Taurus48.  Mercury is now a good 16 degrees from the Sun, having just exited its second Guardian of the Threshold phase, and now into its full Hermetic expression in the current Capricorn synodic over-story.  Since the inception of this synod, on Feb.3rd, Mercury has incorporated Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and now Taurus into its comprehensive function of perception, cognition, and communication for global humanity.  This Hermetic phase will last until May 10, 2022.  This conjunction with Uranus brings it into alignment with the ongoing global Saturn square with Uranus.  Unusual, unexpected, and unpredictable insights powered by synchronicity are quite available just now.  Be willing to think out of the box, somewhat unusual for Taurus, nonetheless.   More about the Mercury over-story can be found here:

Last but not least is the exact square of the Sun with Pluto (a quadrature), at 8:14 AM PDT on Monday, at 28Capricorn33.  I have always allocated a three-day window to experience the intent of these categories of aspects.  The intent of Plutonian dynamic aspects is to reveal the hidden, and expose the shadow.  I often refer to this is as composting, composting all that needs composting.  This global aspect also reminds us of the ongoing United States Pluto Return.  The 246-248 year shadow material of the United States is being revealed to the world.  Can the required awareness be found to take some responsibility for this?  Our signature ThreeWorldsApproach is strongly recommended.  Denial of the shadow, personally and collectively, only compounds the challenges of these times: the convergence of at least five different time-lines in the Great Turning of the Ages.

You can always refer to the package of resources on the US chart, Pluto, and the upcoming eclipses here: