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Your tax-deductible donation to TOTAMS helps sustain our unique vision and mission

TOTAMS is a registered 501c(3) educational nonprofit organization. As such, we depend on the engagement and support of people like you to help us further our mission:

“To provide transformational education and teaching to activate original intent for global humanity through personal and planetary empowerment.”

Paying US taxes? Our Galactic Givers program differs from our Memberships by offering you a tax-deductible way to support TOTAMS. The amount of your donation can be deducted from your US income tax bill. When you make a tax-deductible donation to TOTAMS, you choose where your hard-earned money goes.

More importantly, every donation to TOTAMS helps us continue to further develop and teach our one-of-a-kind astrological approach, helping more and more people along the way.

Has TOTAMS transformed you? Please consider paying it forward as a member of our Galactic Givers program. 


All donations received directly support the running and advancement of our educational, research, and scholarship programs, which, in turn, change lives. With your help, we can offer more to more souls. 

Your gift could be the key that unlocks our teachings for a fellow human being feeling confused or unfulfilled in these turbulent times. You have the power to help someone discover a community that truly honors and values the full spectrum of their humanness, perhaps for the first time. You can be the catalyst for a fellow soul to break free from limiting beliefs, discover the peace that comes from inner wholeness, find meaning and purpose in their life, discover kindred souls, or even start a whole new career in Astrology. Your gift matters.

Education Empowers
Knowledge is Power
Acceptance is Liberation

As a Galactic Giver to our mystery school, you are preserving, protecting, and perpetuating our teachings – you are invaluable.

Whatever you can give, we thank you.

Regular Giving

Monthly and quarterly recurring gifts are particularly valuable to us.
Predictable revenue throughout the year allows us to plan ahead and maximize our impact.  

Monthly giving is easy! Spend a few minutes setting this up one time, and we will do the rest for you. Tax deduction receipts and updates on your impact land in your Inbox like magic.  

Become a Galactic Giver today and your donation will help us
“to dream the vision onwards!”
(- Carl Jung)

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer/Skill Sharing

Your time is valuable! Do you have skills in marketing, writing, researching, graphic design, content creation, video editing, book-keeping, financial management, non-profit law, or governance? If you are skilled and passionate in these areas, or any others that you think may benefit our mission, please contact us.

Corporate Partnership

Let’s help each other! A non-profit partnership can help your company increase its visibility, reputation, and revenue. TOTAMS can support your staff with team building and personal development as well as providing networking, volunteering, and marketing opportunities. It’s a win-win. Please contact us to see if our vision and values are aligned. Together, we are stronger.


Fundraise for Us

Are you the creative hands-on type? We have almost as many ideas to help you fundraise for TOTAMS as there are stars in the sky (well, ok – maybe not quite that many). Birthday collections, dinner parties, raffles, school bake sales, sports days, garage sales, a dress-down day at work, challenge events, and many more. Please contact us to get started! 


Maximize your Funds

There are many ways you can make your money work for you and the causes you care about. Consider leaving a gift in your will, naming TOTAMS as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy, reducing capital gains taxes by gifting appreciated stocks, or donating excess retirement funds. Please contact us for more information.